AIB Announces MBA (HRM) Accreditation From AHRI


AIB AHRI Accreditation

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) recently announced that they are the first private higher education provider to receive the prestigious Australian HR Institute (AHRI) accreditation.

AIB’s MBA in Human Resources is the third Master of Business Administration AHRI has accredited. They join the University of New England and UTS Business School who already offer a specialised, accredited MBA.

Why to should consider an AHRI accredited MBA

The Australian Human Resources Institute is tasked with ensuring quality of professionals and managers in the HR industry. Not only do they provide membership, certification and education, but they also have a number of well publicised events and publications, including the HRM Magazine.

AHRI requires courses they provide accreditation of to have an extremely high standard, helping shape the future of Human Resources.

There are a number of why you should study a specialised MBA. If you are an HR professional wishing to stay in the same industry, but move up to a higher management role, studying an MBA in Human Resources is a great stepping stone to a promotion.

Australian Institute of Business students wishing to study this specialised MBA, will need to apply for the January 2019 enrolment once the formal accreditation will be applied. To find out more about AIB visit their Business School overview page or read their official statement here.

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