Is Artificial Intelligence the future of MBA learning?

artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence may be the future of learning and you will need to get ready for it.

Saïd Business School

Saïd Business School has just opened up a program called the Oxford HIVE (Hub for International Virtual Education). This virtual classroom is the first of its type in UK and second in the world. The Oxford HIVE, allows lecturers to engage with up to 84 students, through fully interactive technology. This enables lecturers to address students individually, create groups and conduct real-time polls. It also enables students to see and hear each other. If you have ever been in a lecture and started to nod off, you will now need to control your facial expressions. Oxford HIVE has the power to judge and score facial expressions of individuals, rating their attentiveness.
“The Oxford HIVE will allow us to teach, learn and share ideas as a global community, and we see it as a crucial tool to unite our global community in support of our mission to tackle world scale challenges.” – Peter Tufano, Saïd Business School
To find out more, visit SAID Business School, part of the University of Oxford.

IE Business School

IE Business School has also committed to technology immersion. Their WOW Room, is a lecture hall on their Madrid campus with 48 screens, powered by AI, real-time simulations, big data, interactive robots, emotion recognition systems, and the presence of holograms. Professors are either physically present in the WOW Room, or are projected in hologram form and moved around the room by a robot to interact with students. Watch IE WOW Room in action on YouTube.

How Will Australia Compete?

Studying your MBA Online or Offshore has never been more exciting. This ability to fully integrate off-shore and online students with those on-campus is something that will hopefully be arriving on-shore in the next few years for MBA students. What else Australian MBA providers are planning, we will need to wait and see.  

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