Financial Times Top 20 Business Schools for Studying Your MBA

For the first time since inception, Financial Times has released top-20 rankings for Business Schools in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Competing against countries such as China, Singapore, and India, Australia had 3 Business Schools mentioned in the top 20. Two of these included their MBA program.

FT 2017 Top Business School Rankings

Ranked 11 – Melbourne Business School

Continuing their impressive stretch of mentions in global rankings, Melbourne Business School was ranked 11th overall in APAC. Specifically for the MBA, they were ranked 14th, while Open Executive Education was ranked 5th. Explore MBAs from Melbourne Business School here.

Ranked 20 – Australian Graduate School of Management – UNSW

AGSM ranked 20th overall as a Business School, with their MBA program ranked 12th. Open Executive Education was ranked 4th overall. Explore MBAs from AGSM here.

Ranked 12 – University of Sydney Business School

While the University of Sydney Business School was ranked 12th overall, their MBA program was not featured on this list. Instead, they were ranked second best for their Masters in Management. Explore MBAs from the University of Sydney Business School here.

See more at Financial Times.

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