MGSM Opens The Door To The World With An Online Global MBA

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New MGSM MBA Available Online

Commencing May 2019, the Maquarie Graduate School of Management is offering a new online MBA. This qualification will take students between 12 months and 36 months to complete.

Enrolment is available through the Macquarie website, and the course will be delivered by Coursera. One of the main benefits of studying with Coursera, is the ability to choose an single course or a full specialisation. The other benefit is the ability to try before you buy, where a portion of the course is open to the public to sample.

The Global MBA aims to solve problems in high-impact teams, improve stakeholder influence and develop strategic insights.


Students will be able to specialise the Global MBA into any of six specialisations. Each of these specialisations is made up of four courses.


Learn how to build strategies that enhance technology and build sustainable platforms and ecosystems.


Learn how to improve business relationships and organisational structures.


Learn how to analyse critical information and strategic insights through data, numeracy and financial literacy.


Develop and refine skills that guide the decision-making process and learn how to communicate more effective to deliver change.


Ensure you are able to navigate change in technology, diversity and culture in more than just a workplace setting.

Problem Solving

Develop skills, frameworks and methodologies to resolve real-world problems. This specialisation will be coached by faculty and MGSM industry partners.

Admission Pathways

The MGSM pathway means students who don’t meet the direct entry requirements are still able to be accepted based on performance in two of the above specialisations. According to Coursera, this is a first-of-its-kind pathway for any Business School.

Performance Based

Students will need to achieve a grade average of 75%, with no course under 60%, across any of the two specialisations. This satisfactory grade will enable you to complete the remainder of the MBA degree.

Direct Entry

Study each of the six specialisations, have a bachelors degree with a minimum GPA of five, three years of supervisory or professional experience.

Application Process

Prospective students wishing to apply for Direct Entry are required to submit their application through the Macquarie University website. Applications will require your resume, academic qualification details, two letters of recommendations, IELTS or equivalent English language results and a 1 minute personal statement video.

Global MBA Intake Dates

  • May Commencement: Applications close 8th April, 2019 for direct entry and 30th April for single course applications.
  • September Commencement: Applications close 5th August 2019 for direct entry and 27th August 2019 for single course applications.

Upon completion of the MGSM Global MBA, graduates will receive a co-branded certificate from Coursera and Macquarie University.

Currently, the MGSM MBA is offered on-campus in Macquarie Park or Sydney CBD and consistently ranks as one of the top Master of Business Administration qualifications in Australia and APAC.

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