Are One-year or Two-year MBAs More Popular?

mba trend graph
What are the global trends, and are Business Schools in Australia offering what people want?

Global MBA Trends

The numbers are in. More people prefer one year, full-time MBAs over the two-year equivalent, according to CarringtonCrisp. For the first time since the survey started, nearly 1500 students across 75 countries have shown a stronger desire to enrol in the shorter MBA program.
“Rapidly changing demands for skills from employers and a desire for quicker, cheaper study to get a better return on investment makes sense for a prospective student”, details Andrew Crisp of CarringtonCrisp.

What about Australian MBAs?

While Australians may be trendsetters, Business Schools seem to be lagging behind this global trend.
Of the programs listed on MBA Reviews, only 9% of MBA degrees have a duration of one year (12 months) as a full-time student. 31% of MBA degrees are listed to be two years (24 months), while the majority, at 38%, are listed as one and a half year degrees (18 months).
Do you think the quicker gratification of a one-year degree is more worthwhile than a more tradition two-year program? Let us know in the comments.


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