The Master of Business Administration is already aimed at setting you up for success in a business setting. There are many Business Schools that offer specialised MBAs, with some overseas MBAs specialising in entrepreneurship, project management, or even horse-racing. There are a few key considerations in determining which specialisation you should study.

Understand your strengths

Choosing a specialisation based off previous or current work experience or a passion for a future change. If you work in project management and the industry is where you want to be for the foreseeable future, consider a University of Southern Queensland MBA (Project Management).

Ensure you have weighed your ROI

With some MBA qualifications costing over $100,000 you need to ensure you are likely to gain some return from your investment. Consider the return of a specialisation, however don’t make it your sole focus or you risk a loss of passion part way through your study.

Plan your long term goals

If you are planning to head the department, be a manager or create and grow your own business consider if a specialisation is right for you. Senior management may want to consider an Executive MBA. There are a number of other specialisations available, including an MBA (Entrepreneurship) from Kaplan Business School.

Pick your MBA specialisation

Search through the list of MBA specialisations offering at a number of Business Schools around the country.

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