About MBA Reviews

Our Journey…so far

While investigating different MBA providers it was evident there was no consistent delivery of information for potential students. While one provider may have full transparency of course duration, fees, lecturers and cohorts, another would bury their information, or not have it accessible at all. Furthermore, the MBA program seemed like ‘just another course’ being offered, while others had the MBA program as their hero offering.

The next step to discovering what MBA program we should be studying and where came to a halt when I couldn’t find reviews. I trust user reviews for everything from mobile phones, televisions, hotels and restaurants, so why should education be any different.

Family members, friends and professionals in my network make up a fraction of the Australian graduate population. That small pool of information left me wanting more. How would I know whether the provider that would work for me was the one they selected? What if they had an experience that was out of the norm, either better or worse. Sure, some providers had testimonials on their websites, however finding a central resource where I could find, read and compare personal, honest reviews turned out to be extremely difficult.

This lack of easy access resulted in some steadily frustrating discussions and the idea for MBA Reviews was born; a central resource for those wanting to find and compare information, read real reviews and ask questions of the graduate community.

Our Vision

One resource to unite MBA provider information, comparisons and reviews, to enable future MBA students to make the most informed decision possible.