Can I Study my MBA in Australia?

Whether you are a home grown Aussie or an international student, there are many good reasons why you should study for your MBA in Australia…

Why Study in Australia

Why not? 

Who doesn’t want to study in an amazingly diverse country with its relatively low cost of living and reasonable student fees?

Australia is extremely popular with tourists from all over the world who want to experience the beautiful beaches, its unusual wildlife and its tremendous terrain.

The weather is fantastic – hot in the summer and cool in the winter so appealing to everyone!

Students get the opportunity to study an international renowned qualification in business amidst the most fantastic places on earth.

With options of full, part time or remote study, MBA programmes in Australia take into account the needs of all of their prospective students.

10 Reasons To Study Your MBA In Australia


Why you should study your MBA in Australia

Making the decision to study for a Master’s in Business Administration, an MBA, is hard enough but where to study for it is vitally important. 

In Australia there are 42 different MBA to choose from with a choice of more than 30 different universities.

There are a number of reasons to study your MBA in Australia. Globally, we have a number of top ranking MBA courses, MBA degrees are internally recognised, we are ranked 9th in University System Rankings, and there are over $200,000,000 worth of annual scholarships on offer.

  • A mixture of practical and theoretical know-how which provide basic skills for problem solving in the business arena.
  • Expert knowledge on management, innovation and operation of diverse business and institutions, both small and large.
  • Theoretical studies including economics, measurement, governance, psychology, leadership and human behaviour.
  • Practical engagement with local Australian businesses.
  • An offer of other complimentary disciplines including microeconomics, statistics and competitive dynamics.

Enrolling in an Australian MBA

With such a high volume of international students in Australia, entry is competitive so if you are looking to apply, ensure you read through our MBA guide and meet or exceed all entry criteria.