How To Get An MBA Letter Of Recommendation

Let’s face it. Most of the MBA application process is out of your control. However one major aspect of applying for an MBA that you can control is who will write your reference letters.

Selecting the right person to write your MBA letter of recommendation is one of the most influential decisions you can make for your future career direction. A good reference will effectively back claims that you make in your application regarding your work ethic and experience and could get you into the business school of your choice.

So, how to get an MBA letter of recommendation?

In this blog we set out to demonstrate how to ask for an MBA recommendation letter, including who to ask and how to approach these potential recommenders.

Who Should I Ask To Write My Recommendation?

The most preferred choice of admission committees is that your immediate supervisor or line manager acts as your recommender.

Not only has this individual observed your work directly, but they can provide examples to support your work accomplishments to support the claims you make in your MBA application.

How Should I Approach A Potential Recommender?

When approaching your recommender it is important to be prepared. Our advice would be to request your letter of recommendation approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the deadline of your application.

Have an open dialogue with the recommender around the work activities or projects you will be highlighting in your MBA application so that they can meritoriously define your qualities and achievements in writing.

Final Thoughts

Please remember, the main purpose of the MBA recommendation letter is to make your chosen business school excited about having you as a potential student who will undertake their course.

Choosing an MBA recommender who is well-prepared to write your letter, and who has ideally monitored your work directly for an extended period of time will be the perfect candidate to write an exceptional letter of recommendation for your MBA application.

If you are going to ask a colleague to complete a recommendation letter, be sure to get them to review our sample recommendation letter.

To find out more about the process or get answers to any of your burning questions visit our MBA guide.