MBA Letter Of Recommendation Sample Letter

Most business schools require MBA applicants to submit two to three recommendation letters for their MBA.

An MBA recommendation letter should reinforce or strengthen an application. Your reference will be able to attest to your work ethic and experience, and encourage your decision to move upwards in your career.

So, what should a well-worded MBA letter of recommendation look like?

You will find our MBA recommendation letter example below very beneficial if you select someone who is familiar with you and your career accomplishments thus far. Many MBA applicants prefer to select an employer or direct supervisor who has an intricate knowledge of how the applicant performs in a professional environment.

Sample MBA Letter of Recommendation Template

Below is an MBA letter of recommendation sample written by a line manager for the applicant who is employed as a Human Resources Assistant.

Notice how the letter demonstrates important traits that business schools will be looking for in their applicants, such as their work performance, ability to work well under pressure, and leadership qualities, such as actioning proactive change in individual and team settings.

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend Jane Smith for admission into your MBA program. Jane has worked as a Human Resources Assistant in my team at Richards Oil and Gas for the past five years.

During this time, Jane has been moving toward her goal of enrolling in an MBA program by building her interpersonal skills, refining her leadership qualities, and gaining a proactive understanding of operations management.

As Jane’s direct supervisor, I have found her to be a terrific team player with strong critical thinking skills and the leadership capabilities necessary for success in managerial positions in the future.

She has helped our company achieve many goals through her valuable input as well as a tenacious devotion to our organisation. For example, just this year Jane helped to revamp our administrative processes and suggested an effective plan to manage the identification of candidates for new roles. Her contributions helped us streamline our recruitment processes.

Jane is a caring, modest and ambitious individual and it is my belief that these qualities would make her an outstanding student for your program. Jane also has an infectious level of motivation that encourages other team members to work harder and reach solutions to problems within our daily operations. Jane knows how to work well as an individual with limited supervision and as part of a team. She is also able to model appropriate verbal and written communication skills in almost any given situation.

For these reasons I highly recommend Jane Smith as a candidate for your MBA program. If you have any questions regarding Jane or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jenny Morris, Human Resources Manager, Internationals Oil and Gas

Final Thoughts

We hope that this MBA letter of recommendation example was useful to you. Please remember it is important to select an individual who has seen you overcome obstacles in your career and manage employees, as these are qualities that make the ideal MBA applicants.

If you are about to start your MBA application, find out how to get your MBA letter of recommendation. If you are still a bit further away from your application, review our complete MBA comparison guide.