What are the requirements for an MBA?

The providers define MBA prerequisites in line with regulatory standards. These can include education, experience, visa status & your English proficiency. There are many pathways to studying your MBA in Australia. There are providers who also take on students with “special considerations”.

Typical MBA Prerequisites

Prior Qualification

At Masters level, the majority of MBA providers request a recognised qualification. While it may not need to be Business specific, it will need to be an undergraduate degree. The reasoning for this is due to the MBA building upon the skills introduced during your previous studies.

Other entry pathways exist – if you don’t have a qualification mentioned, you may still study your MBA.

Work Experience

With an MBA focused on the workplace, it makes sense providers are requiring students have a certain level of work experience.
Most providers that consider work experience will require at least 2 years management experience. Some providers require this in addition to a qualification.  There are select providers and MBA programs that are willing to forego the qualification prerequisite in favour of more experience. 
If you have 5 years management experience and no formal qualification, you may still meet MBA study requirements. If in doubt, get in contact your potential MBA provider. Many providers trade off a formal qualification in favour of either experience or entry via a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma of Business Administration.

English Proficiency

Whether you are a domestic or an international student, you will need to prove your English proficiency. This may be conducted over the phone, throughout onboarding, study certificates or English tests.

Visa Status

This section relates to those who arrive in Australia on a Student Visa.
Some MBA providers are certified to allow international students access to their programs. The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) certifies providers. Each provider and MBA program is reviewed and certified independently.

To find out whether your provider and MBA program is CRICOS certified – search their website here.

Choosing your MBA provider

Now you have an understanding of whether or not you may be able to study your Masters of Business Administration, the next step is to get some tips on choosing an MBA.