Types of MBA Specialisations

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When it comes time to enrol in an MBA course, you may decide to enter into one of the many specialisations available. While the first half of your program will typically revolve around core courses, you will have the chance during the latter part of your studies to focus on a particular discipline.

There is no one size fits all choice when it comes to specialisations. Just like some doctors choose to become pediatricians, neurologists, or audiologists based on their own preferences, so you too should pick the MBA specialisation that fits your business goals and areas of interest.

In this look we’ll take a look at some of the most popular specialisations so that you can have an easier time choosing which one is right for you.

Human Resources

Choosing to specialise in HR prepares you for the much needed task of hiring and managing employees for an organisation in a manner that is efficient, effective, and in accordance with the law. While Human Resources often gets a bad reputation as a bureaucratic web of red tape, the skilled HR manager is one who clears paths for employees rather than leads them off track. In essence, HR is the red tape that holds the company together. One course the review for this speciality is the MBA (Human Resource Management) from the University of Southern Queensland.


Some might baulk at the idea of going to a university to learn how to be an entrepreneur, but an entrepreneurship MBA scaffolds future business builders with a curriculum that teaches them how to weigh risks, craft business models, and learn from setbacks and successes alike. UTS Business Schools offers a Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneuship) aimed to develop networking skills, project execution for both start ups and established organisations.


If entrepreneurship is what launches a business, marketing is what grows it. With an MBA in marketing, you’ll have the skills necessary to acquire clients for your company, grow revenue, and reach new audiences. One part market analysis another part advertising, a marketing MBA specialisation focuses on connecting key audiences with the products and services they need.

Operations Management

Operations management MBAs know how to take a top down look at an organisation’s entire process and procedure framework. In operations management, the goal is to create and manage standard operating procedures that ensure efficient delivery of products or services. This includes stages such as design, manufacturing, and distribution.

There are many other specialisations for an MBA, but these present some of the most popular. Others include finance, consulting, information systems, and more. When you are ready to find your MBA, be sure to look into the specialisations available at your institution of choice so that you can find the best one for you.

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