Upcoming Events

From time to time, Business Schools will put on Webinars, Seminars and Open Days. Generic information nights about the Business Schools MBA program, sample classes and open forums enable you to make a judgement about whether you should consider that provider.

It is highly encouraged for prospective students to attend at least one of these events, regardless of if the school is your primary choice. The opportunity to network with staff and other potential students may just entice you to consider that provider, or at least answer some burning questions. You will find that there may also be another prospective MBA student there who asks a question you hadn’t previously considered.

MBA Reviews is able to provide you links through to upcoming MBA events, where you can find information about the event location, overview and a link to register.

For Business Schools reviewing this page, if you have an upcoming webinar or event that you believe will be helpful to future or current MBA students, please get in contact with us.