MBA Essentials

What is a Master of Business ADministration?
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a higher education qualification. The MBA focuses on refining skills in a range of business activities. These can include as accounting, marketing, human resources & operations. An MBA arms the graduate with the knowledge to successfully manage a business. Almost 40% of Fortune 100 CEO’s having attained an MBA qualification¹.
Why should I study an MBA?

People talk about a Master of Business Administration (MBA) as the thing to do when you have reached a certain position in a company and are plateauing or if want to reach the next position. Whether or not this is the case, you need to explore your own reasons.

Am I ready for an MBA?

Returning to study isn’t something that should be done without thought. Use our guide to find out if you can currently fit an MBA into your lifestyle.

Can I afford an MBA?

Want to know how much an MBA will cost? There are a few factors involved, where you want to study and how you want to study. Let’s give you a guide.

What are the requirements for an MBA?

Not just anybody is eligible to study an MBA, and providers can be fairly specific in what they’re looking for. Whether you have an undergraduate degree, no work experience or run your own company, there is likely a Business School to suit your needs. Let’s see what they want in a potential student.

Do I need a GMAT?

In many countries and Business Schools, the GMAT exam is the be all, end all. In Australia, only 10 MBA Providers in Australia require a GMAT Score. Finding out what it is, how to get one and what schools require one is imperative for your application to be successful.

How do I choose which MBA to study?

You know why you want to study an MBA, that you’re ready to fit it into your lifestyle, can afford one and tick the box for a provider’s requirements. It’s time to choose which one you want to study. Compare one hundred qualifications, from over 40 Business Schools in Australia, read reviews and find the right fit for you.