AIB Announces MBA (HRM) Accreditation From AHRI

AIB AHRI Accreditation The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) recently announced that they are the first private higher education provider to receive the prestigious Australian HR Institute (AHRI) accreditation. AIB’s MBA in Human Resources is the third Master of Business Administration AHRI has accredited. They join the University of New England and UTS Business School who already offer a […]

MGSM Opens The Door To The World With An Online Global MBA

New MGSM MBA Available Online Commencing May 2019, the Maquarie Graduate School of Management is offering a new online MBA. This qualification will take students between 12 months and 36 months to complete. Enrolment is available through the Macquarie website, and the course will be delivered by Coursera. One of the main benefits of studying with […]

Which MBA Specialisation Is Right For Me?

The Master of Business Administration is already aimed at setting you up for success in a business setting. There are many Business Schools that offer specialised MBAs, with some overseas MBAs specialising in entrepreneurship, project management, or even horse-racing. There are a few key considerations in determining which specialisation you should study. Understand your strengths […]

5 Business Podcasts That Are Less Than 60 Minutes Each

Your time may be too scarce to attend conferences and talks. These five podcasts are exactly what you need to keep you up to date with business and management focused market changes. Five Podcasts You Can Listen To On Your Work Commute HBR IdeaCast (20-30 minutes) The HBR IdeaCast weekly podcast covers a huge range of […]

Manage Your Time While Studying For Your MBA

When it comes to pursuing anything new in life, time management is a key ingredient to success. If you have started a new job, you need to balance your work and your life to avoid failing to give either enough attention. If you are planning to sell your house, you need to find a way […]

Should I Study an MBA Straight After Studying an Undergraduate Degree

Many undergraduates with an eye on business have to ask themselves the question “When should I study my MBA?”. They are faced with the decision of immediately entering the workforce (and potentially losing educational momentum) or continuing their educational pursuit into an MBA program. Answering the question of which is better for you really relies […]

ANU MBA Scholarships 2019 – What You Need To Know

In a move to establish themselves as one of the most desirable business schools in Australia and abroad, the Australian Catholic University has announced they are offering up to $1 million worth of scholarships. ANU MBA Scholarships For the 2019 ANU MBA intake the Research School of Managagement is looking to offer up to 30 […]

Types of MBA Specialisations

When it comes time to enrol in an MBA course, you may decide to enter into one of the many specialisations available. While the first half of your program will typically revolve around core courses, you will have the chance during the latter part of your studies to focus on a particular discipline. There is […]

Is It Better to Study Generic MBA or Specialist MBA?

As you approach your decision to enroll in your Masters of Business Administration program, you’ve got to consider an important question: should I specialise or should I generalise? There isn’t an answer that fits everyone, but with a little guidance and some self-reflection, you should be able to choose the path that’s best for you. […]

Is an MBA Worth It In Australia?

A Masters of Business Administration, or MBA, is one of the most coveted degrees worldwide. Not only does it add a great skill set to the graduate, but an MBA also offers multiple opportunities for career progression. In a world that is turning increasingly corporate, an MBA degree has become a primary element of qualification […]