Is an MBA Worth It In Australia?

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A Masters of Business Administration, or MBA, is one of the most coveted degrees worldwide. Not only does it add a great skill set to the graduate, but an MBA also offers multiple opportunities for career progression. In a world that is turning increasingly corporate, an MBA degree has become a primary element of qualification in business. There are a number of reputed institutions across the globe offering a programme in MBA, but why study overseas when we already have a number of world leading MBA programs domestically.

Professional Enrichment

One of the chief driving forces for students today is their growth as a professional. The corporate sector, in fact, demands a strict level of professionalism. With a degree programme in MBA, one gets verification of the minimum necessary level of expertise in the field. MBA is where you start your corporate dream and transform your existing management experience into a suite of fine tuned skills that business leaders are actively seeking.

An MBA is the roadmap to heading an organization’s management. When this degree flashes on your CV, potential employers know that you’ve got a solid educational background supported by relevant experience. The MBA programme itself offers a thorough development of the professional in you, preparing you to be a leader in the field of business.

Honing Your Skill Set

Another vital factor to consider while choosing a postgraduate MBA programme is what it has to offer for your unique skill set. The nourishment of your existing skills and development of new ones is so convincing that you may see tangible changes in your post-MBA persona. You learn the art of thinking strategically, weighing costs and benefits, conducting needs analysis, and other skills that will allow you to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in any businesses standard operating procedures. Furthermore, pursuing your MBA will force you to become a leader by challenging what you know about communication, teamwork, and initiative. In sum, an MBA degree empowers you to make use of your managerial skill set to the optimum potential.

Connections and Exposure

If you are planning to enter the corporate world, you have got to build your network. Relationships matter. It is the case for all sectors in the corporate domain. An MBA degree provides just that. It helps your professional network of people thrive via internships, networking events, and much more. In addition to building your network, the programme gives you quintessential exposure in the field. With the right experience, you can progress in no time.

GMAC Survey Ideas

The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) conducts public surveys concerning the worth of an MBA degree in Australia. The survey covers people’s opinions on three broad dimensions regarding the programme: financial, professional, and personal. It is worth noting the conclusions that the survey has inferred over years of its use.

A number of graduate students reported their salaries increased when they progress from a pre-MBA to a post-MBA credential. The new graduates that are placed are also offered premium salary packages. The study also concluded that graduates are able to retrieve their total financial investment in the course within 4 years. It is clear that an MBA degree in Australia offers beneficial opportunities for the future.

In the professional sphere, a majority of respondents opine that their degree is essentially helpful in landing their first job. Candidates with full-time MBA qualification also concluded that they encountered increased opportunities for promotion. They collectively agreed that the programme has offered them the right path for career development and enhanced their commitment towards their job.

On a personal note, respondents of the survey believed that their MBA programme was rewarding. Their overall experience in the course of study honed their abilities as leaders and matured their managerial skills. It was also crucial in preparing them to balance their professional and personal life simultaneously.

On the whole, in answer to the question of is an MBA worth it in Australia, the conclusions drawn by GMAC present an excellent analysis. A majority of aspirants are satisfied with their education and employment, and they specifically credit their success to their MBA.

Find Your MBA

If you’re convinced that it’s time to pursue your MBA, make sure it’s the right choice of institution and concentration. There are a number of specializations in an MBA degree, such as Human Resources and International Business, to name a few. We’ve collected a database of nearly 100 MBA programmes throughout Australia to make the job easier for you. Browse by state, availability of financial aid, and modality of course (online, on-campus, or both). Click here to get started and Find Your MBA.

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